a novel in ten cockroaches

by Paul Williams

An exhilarating, playful and witty novel about writing, identity and literary KritiKs (not to be confused with KriKits).

“a brilliant satire of letters” — Elizabeth McKenzie

“A strange, funny, intelligent and quite unforgettable novel. What Flaubert did for parrots, Mr Williams has done for the humble roach.” — Jeffrey Poacher

“while predominantly a satire …, Cokraco also works as a madcap mystery [that] generate[s] effective suspense – of the B-grade horror film variety.” — Amy Brown

Sizwe Bantu is the Greatest African Writer of All Time – according to Timothy Turner, failed academic and lover, who not only lives by Bantu’s words but keeps a giant rubber cockroach in homage to the writer of the renowned ‘cockroach stories’.

Inspired to travel to Bantu country, Timothy takes up a position at a university near the place rumoured to be the reclusive writer’s residence in the misty Zululand hills. Instead of drawing closer to his source of inspiration, Timothy is drawn into a Machiavellian world of campus politics and suppressed desire.

As Timothy grapples with the mystery surrounding Makaya, the academic he has replaced, and the demands of his students, particularly the attractive Tracey, he must confront his own paranoia, prejudice and insecurity in a search for the shocking truth.

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