by Lisa Walker

Antarctica is getting hotter …

Summer Wright, hippie turned TV production assistant, organises her life down to the minute. And when her project-management-guru boyfriend, Adrian, proposes marriage — right on schedule — she will reach the peak of The Cone of Certainty.

At least, that’s the plan – until adventure-show queen Cougar Gale intervenes. Suddenly Summer is impersonating Cougar in Antarctica: learning glaciology and climate science on the fly, building a secret igloo, improvising scripts based on Dynasty, and above all trying not to be revealed as an impostor.

Summer finds it particularly hard to fool climate scientist Lucas Nilsson, who is babysitting the production crew. But Lucas is more focused on Adrian’s client Nathan Hornby — the science minister who thinks “climate science is crap” — and rumours of faked climate data.

With Adrian unexpectedly in Antarctica too, can Summer use her extreme project management skills to get Project Adrian back on track and make a success of “Cougar on Ice”? Was Lucas involved in the sudden disappearance of Minister Hornby during a blizzard? And what is The Krill Question anyway?

Antarctica — it gives you perspective …

Praise for Lisa Walker’s writing

“funny, charming and thoughtful … full of witty one-liners and intriguing minor characters, realistic about the vicissitudes of love and desire” — Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Sydney Morning Herald

“the voice Walker uses is authentic and her story is enriched by hard-won psychological insights” — Cameron Woodhead, The Sydney Morning Herald

“reaches out beyond romance to social commentary. Much to enjoy” — Lucy Sussex,_ The Sun Herald_

“spiced with quirky humour” — Herald Sun

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Published 2 May 2019
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