The Orchid NurseryThe Orchid Nursery
The Orchid Nursery
The Orchid Nursery

The Orchid Nursery

by Louise Katz

WINNER of the 2016 Norma K Hemming award for excellence in exploration of themes of diversity in speculative fiction.

Listed in “best books to read over summer” – Sydney Morning Herald, January 2016.

“A powerful story … Confronting in its truths” — Stephanie Smith

“A superbly crafted vision of a toxic cultural wasteland. Three women: rebel, zealot, hag. Three journeys through a disintegrated future. Check current news reportage before claiming the horrors of The Orchid Nursery could never come to pass within our lifetime.” — Cat Sparks

“Terrifying, but beautifully, dreamily written” — Elizabeth Farrelly

The Fifteens of Stone House have reached Attainment: the day a girlie may Beseech for the privilege of serving as a Perfected womanidol in the Orchid Nursery. When vivacious, irreverent Pearl goes missing, pious Mica hopes fervently that her friend has been chosen for Perfection and has not, as she fears, absconded from the State. Mica feels bound by love and duty to seek Pearl — to save her from punishment if she is caught by the Ecumen or, worse, if she has left Civilisation.

Mica’s search will take her into a frightening physical and moral terrain where insurgents and outcasts are still fighting a strategic war against the clerical regime. But first Mica must bring herself to violate the secret–sacred space that is the Orchid Nursery.

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