The Dragon's Skin

The Dragon's Skin

by Ross Gray

“an innovative and powerful new voice on the Australian crime scene. … an involving and satisfying thriller …” Newtown Review of Books

“David Edge is a Chinese Whisper.” So Constable Carol Porter is informed while digging into one of Edge’s cold cases, unsure whether she’s investigating the crime, the crim or the cop. To his former Homicide colleagues, he’s the star detective who went bad, or pretended to, while undercover.

According to rumour, he’s the ex-cop who killed notorious hitman “Whitey” Poynter and took over crime lord Jack Barker’s enterprises. To the ladies of The Rose Garden and The Crimson Grotto, he’s the Big Boss, a gentleman who looks after them better than Barker did.

To the tough-as-nails Maeve Maguffin, booted off the force for making a pass at her female superior, he’s the former rookie who puts work her way occasionally. To the kids at the drop-in centre, he’s the mystery man who lives upstairs, teaches self-defence and for whom they gladly run errands.

And to petty thief Ben Bovell, Edge is his only friend and his hero: the blond-haired blue-eyed saviour he can trust to keep his promise — the promise Ben extracts from Edge when Ben walks into his daughter’s day-care centre wearing a bomb and sets in motion a train of events that draws everyone into Edge’s unofficial investigations. Who is David Edge? David Edge is a Chinese Whisper …

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Published May 2016
ISBN 9781922198228 Paperback 324 pages RRP $29.95

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